Wednesday, January 28, 2009

update on things going on in madagascar

I am currently safe at the Peace Corps transit house in antananarivo (tana for short). Been under what I guess you could say is a form of house arrest only it's for our safety. Today things seemed to have calmed down a lot as far as looting and violence goes all over Madagascar but I can't promise this will be true in future as well. As of right now we are in the Standfast evacuation alert mode which in short means be ready to leave when you get the word to do so. However in the short term there doesn't seem to be any plans to evacuate us, and I sorely would love to go back to my site as I'm starting feel stir crazy at the PC house. Right now the public transportation is not going, so I could be here for anywhere from 3 more days to a month.

If you'd like news on the events in Madagascar I suggest you search google news.

I apologize if this is vague.